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How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl

Communication for human being of course becomes very important thing because many activities in their life should be supported with proper communication. Basically the communication will be used for delivering the idea to other people and maybe get response. Proper communication is also necessary when people to approach other people. Of course it will mean that communication is really needed for building relationship with other people whether it is friendship, family, professional, or even romantic relationship. Yes, romantic relationship can be built if it is started by proper communication after all. There must be many men who have very big question about the difficulty to make approach with a girl, like how to start a text conversation with a girl, and maybe this problem is caused by their inability to make proper conversation with the girl.

Starting text conversation with girl can be very tricky because is the conversation does not make the girl feel comfortable, it is easy for the girl to reject or do not make any response to the text. That is why there are some steps which should be followed to starting text conversation with a gril. 

The very first thing which should be done if getting her phone number and it is important for getting it from her directly. It will be impolite or even disgusting to get the number from other people or ask other people to get the phone number for them. It can be awkward to get the phone number without any reason so people can use something simple such as funny photo or video and tell her that they want to send her link to her phone. It is necessary for making is casual and seems like it is not a big deal so the girl will be more comfortable to give the phone number.

Then, you can start the next step which is associated with the text. You can say "hi" but it must not kind of simple "hi". You can add emoticon so it will not give the girl assumption that they are lazy or bored with the conversation. You then can say something which is relevant to the current event which is associated with both of them. It should be timely of course.

The conversation then can be improved to other topic after this simple opening. You can start to talk about anything which makes her interested. Maybe you can make simple research about her interest so you can ask her about it and ask her about her opinion for example. This will be useful to show her about your care about her interest and also useful for remembering what she likes and dislikes. This is great topic which will build passionate conversation of course. However, you must not freak out when there is disagreement about something.

You should utilize the smiley faces because it can really be flirty and fun yet innocent enough. It will need practice to show the right expression from the smiley faces especially for them who do not use smiley faces a lot. Of course you should keep going with the conversation which has started.

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