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How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl

Communication for human being of course becomes very important thing because many activities in their life should be supported with proper communication. Basically the communication will be used for delivering the idea to other people and maybe get response. Proper communication is also necessary when people to approach other people. Of course it will mean that communication is really needed for building relationship with other people whether it is friendship, family, professional, or even romantic relationship. Yes, romantic relationship can be built if it is started by proper communication after all. There must be many men who have very big question about the difficulty to make approach with a girl, like how to start a text conversation with a girl, and maybe this problem is caused by their inability to make proper conversation with the girl.

Starting text conversation with girl can be very tricky because is the conversation does not make the girl feel comfortable, it is easy for the girl to reject or do not make any response to the text. That is why there are some steps which should be followed to starting text conversation with a gril. 

The very first thing which should be done if getting her phone number and it is important for getting it from her directly. It will be impolite or even disgusting to get the number from other people or ask other people to get the phone number for them. It can be awkward to get the phone number without any reason so people can use something simple such as funny photo or video and tell her that they want to send her link to her phone. It is necessary for making is casual and seems like it is not a big deal so the girl will be more comfortable to give the phone number.

Then, you can start the next step which is associated with the text. You can say "hi" but it must not kind of simple "hi". You can add emoticon so it will not give the girl assumption that they are lazy or bored with the conversation. You then can say something which is relevant to the current event which is associated with both of them. It should be timely of course.

The conversation then can be improved to other topic after this simple opening. You can start to talk about anything which makes her interested. Maybe you can make simple research about her interest so you can ask her about it and ask her about her opinion for example. This will be useful to show her about your care about her interest and also useful for remembering what she likes and dislikes. This is great topic which will build passionate conversation of course. However, you must not freak out when there is disagreement about something.

You should utilize the smiley faces because it can really be flirty and fun yet innocent enough. It will need practice to show the right expression from the smiley faces especially for them who do not use smiley faces a lot. Of course you should keep going with the conversation which has started.

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What to Pay Attention in Texting Girl You Just Met

The Risk and Gain of Texting Girl You Just Met

In order to get a girl that you like, there are indeed many efforts that you can do. One of the best efforts is by taking advantage from the technology. In conducting communication, modern people indeed may choose to use mobile phone right? It is not only to conduct phone call, mobile phone may also function significantly to conduct texting. Sometimes men who just met a girl may ask for her phone number. Texting girl you just met indeed can both risky and also advantageous indeed. It can be risky because you may suffer from rejection which she may never respond to your texting. Yet, there is also the chance of her in gaining attraction to you as well.

What to Consider

The chance in getting along well with a girl which you just met in texting indeed is uncertain. Yet, you can boost the chance if you know exactly what to text a girl you just met and also to understand what to consider in avoiding any rejection. First thing that you need to consider in texting a girl you just met indeed is by picking the perfect time to conduct texting. Mostly men may fail the need in texting the girl they like because they wrongly choose the appropriate time to conduct texting. What you need to avoid the most is in texting during working activity. This indeed may make the girl gains disturbance in conducting her busy activities because of your texting.

The best time to conduct texting for the girl you just met is indeed in certain time when she is in leisure time. Commonly, men may succeed to gain attention from the girl during the night when she starts to relax in bed before sleep. Yet, you need to know as well about how to avoid the time when she starts to feel sleepy. This may become so much troublesome for you indeed because any text you send to her will never she reads because she is too sleepy to open the messages. Knowing her habit may become perfect method to understand in choosing perfect time to text the girl that you just met.

Next consideration which you need to pay attention the most is about how to specifically pick the perfect opening to conduct texting. Always start with appropriate greeting to open the conversation. Just wait for her response in order to determine whether she is interested in you or not. There is also the chance that she forgets about you. In order to make her reminds you, what you should conduct is by introducing your name again when you greet her.

Next effort you can do to be successful in gaining attention from the girl you just met by using texting method is indeed by considering significantly about the way you can impress her with the moments when you spend with her in the first meeting before. You can provide praise to her about how beautiful she was and about how attractive the dress that she wore when met with you before. This may make her gain interest in you indeed.

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Tips for Texting a Girl You Like

texting a girl you like
Actually, any people should fulfill any of their necessities in order to become happy. Well, one of people’s requirements is indeed to gain relationship with certain people that they like. If you are a man who look for certain girl whom you like the most, the best effort to get along with the girl is indeed by taking advantage from technology such mobile phone texting. The purpose is to conduct communication without suffering from nervous problem in meeting a girl you like. By texting a girl you like, you can know her better without involving direct conversation. Yet, some men still have problem in how to properly text a girl they like. There are some tips to use below.

Tips for Texting a Girl You Like

In texting a girl that you really like, first tip that you need to consider is about how to greet the girl in full of respect. It means that you should avoid texting a girl in bad manner and careless words. It will make the girl thing that you are bad person whom she may never like. Just choose perfect words to greet a girl that you like in the first time. If you can hit perfect word for the first greeting in texting, you can pass through the next level of texting smoothly indeed. If you have no idea in how to greet her properly, you can inspect about her personality first to suit the greeting text which may impress her the most.

Second tip that you can use in order to text a girl that you really like is about the need in avoiding desperate condition of texting. Mostly men make mistake when there is no respond of their texting to a girl that they like. They tend to text the girl again and again to obtain respond. This kind of condition indeed may lead only to assumption that they are being desperate in getting the girl’s attention. This kind of behavior only makes you to look so much desperate towards the girl indeed. If your texting to the girl you like gains no response, you need to be patient indeed. Always consider her to be busy and cannot reply your texting in an instant.

Next tip that you can use is indeed by considering that the girl you like is different than any other girls. It means that the way they reply your message will be different sometimes. Don’t ever assume that the lack of words in her texting means that she has no interest in you. It is so natural because she perhaps is shy or simply wants to avoid sharing information with certain person that she doesn’t know well.

Another tip that you can use in order to text a girl that you really like is indeed by considering ending the texting well. There are men who often make a mistake in making the girl bored then she must end the topic of texting. If it is possible, you need to be always the one who ends the texting chat. It will make her think that you have the quality to lead the conversation into further relationship.

What will be The First Text to a Girl?

First Text to a Girl
Are you a shy type who has difficulties to attract girl directly? You may have experienced how you have prepared everything but when you face the girl you like, you become awkward and don’t know how to act. The words you have prepared lose, even worse you are trembling. She will end up just looking at you like seeing a weird and not getting any clue about your intention. Many guys have this problem when starting to make movement toward girls they like. If you are one of these guys, you don’t need to embarrass yourself further as there are smart ways suit you. In this century, technology can help you a lot. Take your phone out of your pocket and try to text her. But then, the main problem is what will be the first text to a girl?

First Text to a Girl

Starting everything needs proper greeting including starting texting to a girl. Make it simple and short but very respectful. Try to greet her in extraordinary way which needs her answer, not only formality answer. What you do is like fishing and greeting is your bait. When you text her for the first time, think about the timing. Try to find the most perfect time when she is free and comfortable to text. If not, your text may annoy her and she will just ignore and forget it. But, if you have sent the text and she doesn’t reply yet, you need to wait. You cannot force her to reply. It’s not supposed happened on your first textt to girl. You have to show your attention and understanding of her schedule and business so you can wait. If you don’t get any answer for a day, try to text her next day but never do it in same day. Girls don’t like it as it will be like they are forced to answer. These greeting tips must be remembered.

Good Greeting

Aside from simple and short greeting, there are rules that are needed in your first text to a girl. You can use emoticons to make your intentions clearer. They will accentuate things you want to convey. Don’t write greeting in many slang terms used on internet. Too much is always not good. At first, you may be asked the reason why you are texting them. Explain it casually. Don’t look for cliché reason such as borrowing books or something. Just tell her that you’d like to say hi. When you have texted each other for some days, when you greet her, you don’t need to give the reason. Short and simple greeting will be okay. Texting casually will be the best first text. Even your goal is to get close to her cliché words are not interesting at all. Just keep it casual and girl will like it.

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Tips How and What to Text a Girl You Like

What to Text a Girl
People in this century have been using phones so starting to be close to a girl through text is not a new effort. Even some people think it has been out dated as internet has replaced many aspects that previously using text. But text has its own power that cannot be replaced by internet. On internet, there are many slangs and everything seems very simple so the meaning and seriousness are often ignored. Texting, on other hand, seems like long-lasting tips to get close to a girl you like. Text is in moderate between meeting directly and short conversation on internet. Text is still the best option if you know how to do it properly.

What to Text a Girl You Like

You may be confused about what to text a girl you like so here are some tips for you. You have to know the timing. Girls are often sensitive and texting without paying attention to time will annoy them. Every girl has different convenient time to text so make sure you do small research about the girl you like. You can observe her activities or ask someone knows her but you believe won’t spill a word to her. Greeting is best text for the first time. Remember that you have to greet her respectfully. It must be short and simple but playful to attract her attention. Don’t text something that the answer can be very monotone or worse, only yes or no. Please be patient in waiting her answer. Don’t attack her with the next text asking why she doesn’t answer yet. Girl will be annoyed as they don’t answer yet because of many reasons. Asking "why" before she answers previous question is not good. Once she replies, show that you are interested in her and what she says. Don’t use internet slang too much as it decreases the meaning. She will get impression that your text is boring and only joking. You can use emoticons instead to accentuate what you want to express.

Intensify the Texts
After she replies your texts for a while, try to intensify your texts. Even your goal is to get her, don’t flirt all the time. You can text how beautiful she is but don’t do it too often as it sounds unnatural. Whenever you will end the conversation through texts, try to end it properly. Don’t make her feel that you rudely leave her because of your business. It’s good to end conversation first to see whether she wants you or not but do it in very sensible way. Intensify here means more about the quality of your closeness to her, not the way you start texting. Greeting more than twice every day in not what to text a girl you like. You have to know the right timing to ask her out. Never wait for too long and miss the clue that she has been ready to be with you.

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Tips on How to Text a Girl You Like

Do you want to make a girl that you like fall for you? Do you know how to text a girl you like appropriately? Well, when you see a cute girl that makes your heart beating faster, you usually want to make the girl fall for you. For this purpose, you probably will do your best to know more facts about the girl because it gives you better chances to get closer with the girl. In this case, you usually will try to get her phone number since you know that having her phone number gives you unlimited chances to communicate with her.

How to Text a Girl You Like

Texting a Girl You Like Means Touching Her Feeling and Emotion
As a matter of fact, getting a girl’s phone number is easy but when it comes to send her a text, many guys usually find difficulties. In such situation, knowing tips to text a girl you like is seemingly helpful because you can simply adopt the tips for your personal situation. Basically, the reason why guys have difficulties to text a girl that they like is because they do not know what words to use in their text. It has become a clear fact that emotions and feeling play a crucial role in making a girl fall for a guy. If you want to successfully text a girl you like, you must send a text that can touch her feeling and emotion.

5 Powerful Ways to Text a Girl You Like Successfully
1. Text a girl you like at night. In this case, texting her at night becomes the best solution because most girls find their most convenient time is at night. This first powerful way to text a girl you like is highly recommended since when a girl feels convenient and comfortable, she can easily fall for you. Even, texting a girl you like at night gives you opportunity to have a long conversation because there are usually fewer disturbances. What you should remember is not to text her all night long since it can disturb her time to sleep.

2.  Use a respectful greeting in your text. In order to make a girl you like feel respected, you must greet her respectfully. In this case, you should think out of the box because you need to make sure that a text you send can get her attention. If a girl you like feels interested in your text, she seemingly will give positive response. Once your first text receives positive response, you can be sure that you can soon send other texts.

3. Play cool when texting. Even though you want the girl to fall for you, you should avoid looking needy. Instead of looking desperate by rushing her to give a replay to your previous text, you had better wait for her response. If the girl keeps replying your text, you can try to flirt. In this third tip to text a girl, you should only flirt when time is right. Do not flirt all time because it will make the girl feels annoyed. When there is an opportunity to flirt, you can try to do it.

4.  Show your interest in her and in her daily life. You should send a text containing questions about her interest and her daily activities. After you receive a replay, you can explore her more by asking more questions. In this case, you should keep your text simple and short so that she will not be difficult to answer your questions. If you are able to show your interest in her, you surely have done the fourth tip to text a girl you like.

5.  End your conversation nicely and appropriately. When you think that it is time to say goodbye, you must the first one to say goodbye. However, before saying goodbye, you must give a positive closing. In this case, you can always give compliments about her appearance or personality. You are encouraged to use romantic words to make the girl attached to you. In the last tip on how to text a girl you like, your ability to send a text containing romantic words appropriately is highlighted.

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